DC Chocolate Design specializes in hand made truffles, bars, and molded chocolates. Each item is custom-made and designed in small batches with only high quality chocolate and Door County ingredients.

We love collaborating with clients to create something special for your store, wedding, event or restaurant. Truffles can be painted your company or store colors, and we can even add your logo! You can select specific shapes. If you produce a type of ingredient, we are more than happy to incorporate that into your custom chocolates.

 We use Door County grown or processed ingredients when available. We believe that buying local is an important way to support our community.


  • 61% Dark Chocolate Warm, fragrant chocolate flavor with a light, spicy note upfront leading into ripe cherry and complex raisin flavors. Ends with a refreshing chocolate finish.

  • 38% Milk Chocolate Bold, rich, upfront chocolate flavor accented with subtle caramel notes and a lingering hint of cinnamon, fresh dairy flavor and a spicy finish.

Our Products

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